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The Impact Of a Savvy Veteran, Marvin Harrison To The Vikings?

There have been rumblings that future hall-of-famer Marvin Harrison is potentially on his way to the Vikings, a team that he could potentially end his tremendous career with.

Many believe that Harrison needs to just hang up the cleats and realize that his deed to the NFL is done. I, on the other hand, feel that this would be a foolish move on Marvin’s part.

Marvin has played in the NFL since 1996, when he was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. His college days were spent at the university of Syracuse. His quarterback at the time was Philadelphia Eagles current quarterback, Donovan McNabb.

Behind only Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison is viewed as the second best receiver that the National Football League has ever seen before. Call me a homer, but I feel that Cris Carter deserves that recognition.

Why wouldn’t a team want a player like that on their squad?

Yes, he’s past his prime, obviously. But what would it hurt to have a target that can provide a locker room presence? A possible leader to the young receivers?

Answer: Nothing

Minnesota is not desperate for receivers, but they are desperate for a receiver that could teach the other ones the ropes.

Minnesota’s receivers are all under 30 years old. Percy Harvin is only 21 years old and is a rookie. He, obviously, could use some teaching. Possibly how to not have an ego problem like that of Brandon Marshall or Terrell Owens.

Many wonder if the Vikings have the money to sign both Marvin Harrison and Brett Favre. They do. The con to this is that it will make it even more difficult to have Antoine Winfield an extension.

Winfield has discussed holding out until he receives a new deal. Minnesota cannot afford to lose him. He has arguable been our best defensive player for the past two years.

If it does come down to this scenario, I would say that the Vikings would say no to having Marvin Harrison on the team.

Marvin is a good player, but he’s not something we desperately need. Marvin is more of a player that would sweeten our chances of becoming a super bowl contender.

Minnesota is a team that needs to add pieces to the puzzle in order to bring home their first super bowl trophy in team history. I can’t be the only one that is hungry to have the Vikings finally be known as a team that has won a championship.

There is no telling how long Harrison can last. His body is clearly not in the shape it once was, but he could be able to make some sort of an effort. This effort doesn’t necessarily have to come on the field, though.

In my opinion, the Vikes should make a move to get Marvin. He’s talented and is a great leader in the locker-room. Let’s get it done for the right price.


Vinny Perretta In The Zone: Minnesota Viking Rookie Free Agent Interview Part 2

                    Vincent Perretta Interview

The following is the continuation of the Perretta interview a week ago. Former Boise State wide receiver Vinny Perretta whose father Ralph Perretta was an NFL star offensive lineman with the San Diego Chargers answered questions for the Bronco Blue Review. Vinny was asked to share some moments regarding his newest venture that of a free agent wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. Here is what Vinny had to say about the Minnesota Vikings:

Question No. 1. How has rookie camps been going for you?

Vinny’s Answer: Rookie mini camp went very well for me. We just got done with OTA’s and now we have a month off before training camp starts. It was good to get my feet wet in an NFL system before camp starts. Hopefully I can hit the ground running.

Question No. 2. Are there any surprises that you care or are allowed to address?

Vinny’s Answer: No surprises. My dad played in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers for six seasons, and he told me what to expect. Having my dad to go to is something that I take advantage of because he has been there before and he knows what is going on.

Question No. 3. What are the coaches like in Minnesota?

Vinny’s Answer: The coaches are awesome. They are very knowledgeable and are just good guys in general.

Question No. 4. What are the players like in Minnesota?

Vinny’s Answer: The players have been awesome as well. The veterans treat us rookies like other veterans. They help us out on the field and in meeting rooms. Its nice to know that the veterans don’t’ try to push the rookies around (Vinny laughed).

Question No. 5. What are the fans like in Minnesota—do you find yourself in that same ole “gotta prove myself to everybody mode?”

Vinny’s Answer: I haven’t really met any of the fans yet. We have been at the facilities most of the time, so we haven’t really got to experience much of the city yet.

Question No. 6. How tough has the competition been at wide out so far? The talent at wide receiver is exceptional. All these guys can play. I am really impressed with all the WR’s. I believe that it starts with our receiver coach, George Stewart.

Question No. 7. Does it look like you will be making the team this year?

Vinny’s Answer: My goal is to make the team! I am focused on myself and giving it my all every single day. I haven’t really thought about not making the team yet (Vinny laughs).

Question No. 8. Do you see much of Ian and how is he doing that you can tell?

Vinny’s Answer: From what I can tell, Ian has been doing a great job. He looks good and looks like he is picking things up well. Ian has always been a good football player and he still is!

Vinny thank you very much for your time—your many fans in Boise and around the world look forward to seeing you in Purple (not bruised) this NFL season.

End of interview!

It will be a tremendous joy watching Vincent Perretta gain knowledge from Coach Stewart, as well the many very talented receivers and pros at Minnesota. Viking fans and or Bronco/Perretta fans etc herein lies a perfect example of Vinny’s personable behavior and politics.

Vinny appears to always attempt to stay on the upward path—giving his 110 percent and not giving in to negativity of any sorts.

Vinny no doubt knows as an athlete, be it Idaho, Minnesota or his former high school in San Diego, Calif. that there will always be those who just dislike you, and for no other reason than ones school or team colors he or she represents.

Still, it is my belief that anybody given any small amount of time with the Perretta’s as a whole would truly grow to appreciate them.

As for Vinny and he alone—should he make the Vikings there is not much doubt that within a small window of time he will become a crowd favorite. Why? Simply because he goes all out for who he represents, be it his sports family, those close to him and those necessarily not such as the media, bloggers, etc. Thus when word comes regarding Vinny’s pro debut the Blue Revue will be on it—and that’s another story.




Article first published by Lace Banachek on 6/30/2009 at