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Rodney Harrison: Brett Favre Is “Selfish”

Often voted NFL’s dirtiest player, the now retired Rodney Harrison is hitting hard in a new way.

Harrison sacked Brett Favre on The Dan Patrick Show Wednesday, calling the quarterback “selfish.”

“Each and every offseason bringing so much attention to himself. It’s just really a disappointment to hear that time and time again…If you’ve been in the league 13, 14, 15 years or so you know if you want to play. The circus shouldn’t have to go on for three to four years. It’s just a disappointment.”

Favre is expected to come out of retirement for the second straight season, this time to join the Minnesota Vikings. 

Last summer, the first time Favre came back, the “Favre saga” lasted for week after week. 

After 16 seasons in a Green Bay Packers uniform, Favre was traded to the New York Jets after deciding he wanted to come out of retirement. The Packers had already committed to young Aaron Rodgers and did not welcome Favre to come back and be the starter. Therefore, Green Bay was forced to trade the then-38-year-old to New York.

With the Jets in 2008, Favre threw for 3,472 yards with 22 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. He experienced shoulder soreness late in the year, but said it wasn’t affecting him. 

The Jets collapsed at the end of the season, missing the playoffs and Favre once again retired.

After the Jets released Favre from their roster, rumors swirled that he was considering returning. The only questions were: Do the Vikings want him? Will his shoulder be OK?

The first answer is yes. The second is still undecided.

Favre had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago, and has been throwing with minimal pain since.

Favre admitted on the HBO show, Joe Buck Live, that he was going to return if his shoulder was OK.

Reports lately say Favre and the Vikings have agreed to a deal in principle, so it’s only a matter of time now before it’s official.

Harrison is upset because he feels Favre is continuously putting attention on himself and it’s keeping attention away from other people who are doing good things.

“Then the media—they’re just so caught up and in love with Brett Favre…It’s ridiculous because a lot of guys are doing good, positive things in the National Football League and those keep things keep getting overlooked.”

The Favre circus continues another year. It can be annoying at times but it’s certainly entertaining!


The NFL Players Who Keep Us Most Entertained During the Offseason

The NFL Off-season is long… There’s very little news coming from the top NFL sites. Teams are very secretive about any information of worth, and so we’re left with reading articles about Donte Stallworth, highly unlikely rumors, predictions which have already been predicted, and then information about stadiums and VPs. Do you even know any team’s VPs? And If you’re wondering where I came up with those article subjects, just take a look at the most recent articles.

Fortunately, there is a group of players who have taken it upon themselves to keep us from getting bored while we wait for the first kickoff. You can see two of them in the picture above. But just a note, not all of these players are one’s who make the news for their egos or poor behavior. Some of them are just good players that have excited us anew with their potential for stardom.

So without wasting more time, here are the top NFL Players, who entertain us during the long off-season.