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Contrary to Published Reports, Former Viking Orlando Thomas Is Not Dead

The NFL world was shocked Wednesday evening when it was reported that former Minnesota Vikings player Orlando Thomas had passed away at the age of 37 after a four-year battle with ALS.

I’m sure the person who was most shocked was Orlando Thomas himself, as he was watching TV with his family when the report was broadcast on ESPN.

The Vikings reported Thomas’ death on their website Wednesday evening after officials from Louisiana-Lafayette, Thomas’ alma mater, called to inform them that he had died. The Star Tribune followed with a blog post, citing the Vikings’ website as the source of the information.

According to Thomas’ agent, Mark Bartelstein, the rumor started on somebody’s MySpace page.

“You know how in today’s world once rumors start, it spreads like wildfire,” Bartelstein commented. “You know how people communicate nowadays. But it’s totally false. He’s sick, but he’s good and and he’s fighting the battle he fights every day. He’s fighting like heck, and he’s alive and well.”

Former Vikings WR Jake Reed, who is very close to Thomas and his family, has been frantically Tweeting from his page JakeReed86 all evening, trying to spread the world that Thomas is still here.

“OT (Orlando Thomas) has not died! I just spoke to him! Please reprint!!!!” was sent to the Star Tribune‘s Twitter page.

“What? ESPN reporting it too??? Wow, he is not dead!” another tweet said.

The Vikings had already planned a pre-game ceremony in honor of Thomas during their November 15th game against Detroit.

Thomas has been battling with ALS, more commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, since 2004 and is no longer able to speak.

Thomas had 22 interceptions and 10 fumble recoveries for the Vikings from 1995-2001.

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Brett Favre Silences Critics, Shows Vikings Aren’t One-Dimensional

I read a joke in the Minneapolis Star Tribune a few weeks ago that Brett Favre needed to get a new driver’s license.

He had to take “Gunslinger” out of his name.

On Sunday, Favre had the writer of that dry joke choking on his words, as he became the first Vikings quarterback since 2005 to throw for over 300 yards.

Not only that, but he also capped off an 80-yard drive with the game-winning touchdown to Greg Lewis with two seconds left, sending the previously unbeaten 49ers to 2-1.

By doing so, he avoided a week of hearing analysts say that he couldn’t throw the deep ball.

And why should he have to?

During the first two games of the season, the Vikings won handily behind the rushing attack of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor.

Peterson, the league’s leading rusher heading into Sunday’s action, was held to a measly (by his standards) 85 yards on 19 carries with no touchdowns, and Taylor was held to 16 yards on six carries.

Favre showed that he can still manage the game through the air.

After compiling 265 yards with a 77 percent completion percentage, no interceptions, and three touchdowns during his first two games as a Viking, Favre went to the air, throwing for 301 yards with two touchdowns when the Niners shut down the running game.

Rookie Percy Harvin also scored on a 101-yard kickoff return, the first of his career and his third consecutive game with a touchdown.

Favre spread the ball around nicely, connecting with seven different receivers during the game, letting defenses know that they have to account for the passing game—something that has lacked in the Vikings offense the last few seasons.

Until Favre on Sunday, the last Viking to have a 300-plus-yard passing game was Daunte Culpepper in a win against New Orleans on Sept. 25, 2005, ending a 64 game skid.

Favre is the first 300-plus-yard passer in the Brad Childress era.

Favre has converted just about every hater left in Minnesota after his game-winning performance against the Niners. As one caller to the KFAN Vikings Postgame Show said, “I’m going out to buy my Favre jersey right now.”

By adding another comeback win to his résumé, Favre now has 40 comeback drives in his career.

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Breaking News: Appeals Court Rules, Williams Wall Will Stand

The Associated Press reported at 10:26 this morning central time that the Appeals Court ruled in favor of the Vikings defensive linemen, Pat and Kevin Williams (not related).

The ruling comes on account that the two Vikings violated the league’s anti-doping policy.

The NFL had tried to suspend the Williamses for four games after they both tested positive for a banned diuretic during training camp in 2008.

They had taken the over-the-counter weight loss supplement StarCaps, which did not state on the label that it contained the diuretic—which can mask the presence of steroids.

Neither Williams tested positive for steroids.

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Minnesota Vikings: Cut Veteran Wide Receiver Bobby Wade, Sign Greg Lewis

In a move many considered shocking, the Vikings released veteran wide receiver Bobby Wade despite reorganizing his contract last week, taking a $1.5 million cut to his contract for this year according to his agent, Jerome Stanley.

“You’re defined by your behavior and what you do and not what you say,” Stanley said. “I’ll let you connect the dots.” By the sounds of it, it was a bad falling out between the two parties.

Asked if he were referring to Vikings coach Brad Childress, Stanley said, “Wherever the decision came from. And we already know where it came from, so there it is.”

The team will fill his spot by reuniting Vikings coach Childress with former Philadelphia Eagles receiver Greg Lewis, who agreed to a one-year contract today. Lewis, 29, is at Winter Park and expected to practice.

Undrafted in 2003 out of Illinois, Lewis endeared himself to Childress, then the Eagles’ offensive coordinator, as well as other players and coaches with his work ethic and professionalism.

In six NFL seasons, Lewis has 23 starts, but he has 127 catches for 1,699 yards with seven touchdowns. During the offseason, the Eagles traded him to the New England Patriots for a seventh-round pick. But Lewis was one of the Patriots’ last cuts, released to make room for rookie defensive back Bret Lockett.

Sidney Rice will most-likely take up Wade’s role as the No. 3 receiver.

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Tomlinson Says He–Not Peterson–Is The Best Running Back in The NFL

Widely known for his calm personality and fighter’s soul, LaDanian Tomlinson is one of the most beloved running backs of our era.

He became the fastest running back to 100 touchdowns and the first to catch 100 balls in a season. He was a class act both on and off the field.

Last season and the postseason before, Tomlinson has battled injuries that have taken a toll on the 30-year-old running back for San Diego. He has seen his performance dwindle and fans around the NFL took notice. They jumped off Tomlinson’s bandwagon and hopped onto Peterson’s.

One of the best running backs of all time, Jim Brown, is one of those people that have jumped on the young running backs wagon.

In a recent interview for Sporting News magazine, Jim Brown claims Adrian Peterson is the most complete running back in the NFL today.

Well, Tomlinson got a hold of the article and apparently took offense.

“I was sitting there reading it thinking, ‘Wow,'” said Tomlinson to an L.A Times writer.

“The difference with me is you can put me out on that field and there will be nothing I can’t do.  I won’t have to come off the field.  Adrian has to come off sometimes on third down.  Running routes, he’s still not there yet.”

If you ask me, these comments don’t sound like a guy that’s confident in his abilities. These comments are hate comments.

For years, Tomlinson was the unquestioned best running back in the NFL. Now some don’t even think he’s a top five running back.

Tomlinson needs to come to the reality that he’s not what he once was. Age was shown her colors on Tomlinson.

Peterson doesn’t “have” to come off on third downs. It’s not his choice to come out of the game. It just so happens that backing up Peterson is a former 1,200 yard rusher who is easily one of the best backups in the NFL, Chester Taylor. You can’t make a guy of Taylor’s ability warm the bench all game long.

“But anything on that field you want me to do — throw it, block — I can do it.  That’s what I pride myself on is not having any weaknesses.  And that’s what makes me the best back,” Tomlinson stated.

Well Tomlinson, your biggest strength could quickly turn into you greatest weakness: your ego.

I didn’t know that all those turf toe injuries could go to your head.

While it’s true that Peterson may not be the best route runner or receiver, he is without a doubt the best running back. His explosiveness, agility, and brute strength make him the best running back.

Just because Tomlinson is a better receiver doesn’t make him a better running back. Is Tomlinson more complete than Peterson? Sure he is, but by no means is he a better running back.

I hope someone gives Peterson these statements from Tomlinson. It may be that extra motivation that puts him past 2,000 yards. As if Peterson needed any more motivation. The guy is a beast and easily the best running back in the NFL.

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Report: Brett Favre to Not Play in Final Preseason Game Against Dallas

This past Monday night, Brett Favre made his debut on national television in a Minnesota Vikings uniform against the Houston Texans.

From the first play from scrimmage—an Adrian Peterson touchdown—to giving a block while the team was in the Wildcat, it is obvious that Favre did show much better signs in his second pre-season game, which for a second can make head coach Brad Childress a happy man.

Because Childress can relax now knowing that Favre can be capable of playing at the level needed in this offense, he is not going to put Favre into more action.

In fact, he is giving Favre some time off before the season opener against the Cleveland Browns.

According to a report, Favre will not play in the final pre-season game against the Dallas Cowboys, as they want their QB well rested for the 16 game regular season where he is found it tough to stay healthy over the course of the whole year.


Matt Miselis is an NFL writer for

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Brett Ousts John As The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave


Watch the kids, and bury your valuables. Like a troll emerging from under a bridge to see if the coast is clear, it is time for POINTLESS PONDERING. The series resurrected as the Favre roars on and on.


What the heck is with ESPN? How much further can this network sink? They wallow in depths so low, that even the National Enquirer and other tabloids wouldn’t go near.


After stalking the Favre Debacle for the past two years, they have lost the last shred of journalistic credentials they once had. Why is the media so in love with Favre that he gets a pass on all of the things he has done? If it were Donovan McNabb, he would have been railroaded out of the league by now.


From pain pill addiction, criticising team mates constantly, jerking his employer around, texting his media buddies non stop at every turn = it is pathetic to see one guy command so much attention.


I have long said ESPN is stalking paparrazi. These past few weeks just solidify my stance.


Favre? Well, I have a new term for him that I invented. I will submit it to Websters for entry into the 2009 dictionary. Hyckocrite.


Though the media has a bust made for ther best buddy already waiting in Canton. there is the other side to this crusty coin. Teams deal with cancers like T.O. and Ocho Cinco, so they can deal with Brett. If you look at all the lousy quarterbacks on rosters in the NFL this year…maybe a team could use about 20 TD’s…..and 27+ turnovers next season.


Did anyone watch the Packers game on a Monday night last year?


I don’t know what was more obscene : ESPN’s pre-game show all waving, “Hi” to Brett Favre, after theorizing he was watching, or Tony Kornholes relentless blubbering all game long.


ESPN loves Favre, and tell their talking heads to blather incessantly about him as much as possible. It got rather sexual, at one point, and both of the other talking heads had to plead for Tony to give it a rest. I wonder if they got reprimanded for that?


I have long stated what a lousy journalist Kornhole, the WORST broadcaster in MNF history, is here in D.C. He started out in the Style section, which is about dresses, flowers, and other similar subjects.

After a mass exodus of the good writers from the Washington Post, they had to fill spots. They let Kornhole do his lame Jack Benny impression once a week, and promoted Chicago homer Michael Wimponandonandon.

Brett loves attention. His countless texting to his media buddies, including Kornhole, is proof. Still, I imagine even he was contemplating being sickened to his stomach over that on-air fellatio fest.


Now turn on ESPN for your 24 hour Favre coverage. They have been perched like vultures for this moment, so they won’t let you down in turning their network into his personal reality show.


If you hadn’t noticed since last seasons conclusion, his name was mentioned on virtually every show the network carried daily. As if they were paid to do so.


The question is : Will YOU buy into it?



For those too young to understand the title = John Belushi had a skit on Saturday Night Live (when the show was good) titled “The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave”.





Breaking News: Brett Favre To Join Vikings, Start Friday Against Chiefs?

When I first reported on the possible return of Brett Favre less than 24 hours ago, there was mixed feelings in the air.

Some unnamed players spoke out about the deal already being done, and that Favre would be joining the team sometime this week.

Yet, at one point the Minnesota Vikings’ front office were surprised about the rumors surrounding Favre, and were focused on the quarterback battle between Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels.

Well, look how much one day makes—Favre has agreed to join the Minnesota Vikings, less then a month after saying he would stay retired.

Minnesota fans are happy, Green Bay fans prepare for war, and the Monday Night match-up between the Vikings and Packers.

A press conference is scheduled for 6 p.m., according to sources.

With questions going on as to when Favre will hit the preseason action, it is believed to be as early as this week.

According to a recent report, Favre will start in Friday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Of course you have to think it’s a simple rumor, especially with Favre not knowing any of the playbook.

Whether they just want to get him out there and earn some in-game action before the season starts make sense, but surely they will have to adjust parts of the playbook if Favre is going to play.

If healthy, Favre does make Minnesota the team to beat in the NFC, along with the New York Giants.

Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson will challenge for the second string spot on the depth chart.

As if there hasn’t been enough controversy in the month of August before the 2009 season starts. Well, you can add the return of the Brett Favre saga which could even be the most discussed topic over Tom Brady and Mike Vick.


Breaking News: Brett Favre Signs With Minnesota Vikings

Soon that picture will not just be some crafty Photoshop business.

One night after a report came from Fox Sports Jay Glazer that the attitude amongst the Vikings brass was not a matter of if, but when, Brett Favre would become a Viking, the never ending saga has taken, hopefully, a final twist.

Three weeks after Favre said he would remain retired, citing psychical reasons, it has been stated that Brett Favre has signed a contract, and will suit up in the purple and gold this coming season.

The likely reason this is now occurring is because we are deeper into training camp, and Favre did not want to go through the demands of training camp in hopes of lasting through a full season.

Make it official, and lets get this Favre rumor mill shut down, a formal announcement should be made by the days end. 

He is the unquestioned starter for the Vikings’, and pairs with All-Pro RB Adrian Peterson to give the Vikings a passing force on offense they have sorely lacked since the glory days of Daunte Culpepper. No longer will this team have to rely solely on the legs of Peterson.

I will have updates as more news comes out, with Favre, you never know how much there is going to be


Brett Favre Expected to Sign with Minnesota Vikings Today

Buckle up NFL fans.  For the first time in three years, the NFL will feature both Michael Vick and Brett Favre at the same time.

According to Mark Rosen of the Twin Cities CBS affiliate, Brett Favre had flown to Minnesota and is set to sign a deal with the Vikings today.

This move, in my eyes, makes the Vikings the clear-cut favorites to win the NFC North, and possibly the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

It has been said for years that if the Vikings could get their hands on a big name quarterback, they would be at an elite status.  Well, here you have it.

Despite his best efforts to be the worst quarterback in NFL history (leads all-time INTs), Favre is one of the best leaders on the field and has one of the strongest arms this game has ever seen.  He will provide the Vikings offensive unit with a potent set of playmakers in Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Bernard Berrian, and breakout tight end Visanthe Shiancoe.