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The U.S. Open Tennis Finals over NFL’s Opening Weekend? Child, Please

A few days ago, someone had brought to my attention; something of a rivalry that I didn’t even know existed. A rivalry between the National Football League’s opening weekend, and the U.S. Open Tennis finals which are to be held this coming Monday.

While some of us are of the belief that the NFL’s kickoff weekend is without question, the most highly anticipated sporting-event in recent months, others are of the belief that the U.S. Open Tennis finals might possess more intrigue and deliver more excitement.

I have to respectfully disagree.

I know what you might be thinking, how can a man who knows exceptionally little about the U.S. Open Tennis finals (or the sport of tennis in general for that matter) provide any rational, substantive argument in favor of an event for which he clearly appears overwhelmingly biased in favor of?

Well as I learned long ago, often times the best defense can be made in favor of the side in which you favor as opposed to simply attacking the other.

I do not claim to know much about professional Tennis, so don’t expect me to deal any low blows within this debate because I passionately feel that the NFL’s kickoff weekend has so much excitement that is to be on display, the U.S. Open Tennis Finals (as well as any other scheduled sporting event) have no means to adequately compete with the NFL in this respect.

I have often heard of the NFL’s kickoff weekend referred to as a “playoff-like” atmosphere.

It marks the beginning of a new season that comes well equipped with enough storylines that professional wrestling’s most creative writers would be overcome with envy.

The only difference of course is that the atmosphere that will be on display this Sunday will be more real as the outcomes have yet to be determined.

How will Tom Brady perform after an almost two-year prolonged absence from the game, while competing with a surgically repaired knee?

We will find out whether or not the Minnesota Vikings have signed “the Brett Favre of old”, or simply a very old Brett Favre.

We will find out what in god’s name Chad Ochocinco has in store for the fans in Cincinnati as he has apologized in advance for the entertainment he has yet to provide.

For hardcore football fans such as myself, the NFL product can become a very addictive substance. A substance that after having been in withdrawal from for seven months too long, we will now finally get out much needed fix.

The catch being that the indulgence of this substance can do us no harm, so long as our team wins.

So with that being said, I’m going to sit back and look forward to Sunday’s games.

Out of respect for Leroy Watson in particular for exposing me to this concept, I just might catch a few minutes of the U.S. Open Tennis finals on Youtube. That is, after I’m done watching football…Monday night.

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The NFL Players Who Keep Us Most Entertained During the Offseason

The NFL Off-season is long… There’s very little news coming from the top NFL sites. Teams are very secretive about any information of worth, and so we’re left with reading articles about Donte Stallworth, highly unlikely rumors, predictions which have already been predicted, and then information about stadiums and VPs. Do you even know any team’s VPs? And If you’re wondering where I came up with those article subjects, just take a look at the most recent articles.

Fortunately, there is a group of players who have taken it upon themselves to keep us from getting bored while we wait for the first kickoff. You can see two of them in the picture above. But just a note, not all of these players are one’s who make the news for their egos or poor behavior. Some of them are just good players that have excited us anew with their potential for stardom.

So without wasting more time, here are the top NFL Players, who entertain us during the long off-season.