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Links: Fines, Suspensions, and Layla Kiffin…What More Could You Want?

Layla Kiffin - LeGarrette Blount suspended, Brett Favre fine for chop block

Okay, as we wrap up another week in the sports world, a few quick hitters and then onto your daily link dump.  

And, for the record, the pictures of Layla Kiffin (whose husband has a big debut coming up) are not gratuitous.  As you will see, while she has nothing to do with LeGarrette Blount or Brett Favre, there is an interesting story about her at the top of the sports links.

First, updating a story that we covered in the wee hours of this morning, Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount has been suspended for the year after punching a Boise State player last night and nearly going into the stands after fans who were taunting him. My gut reaction is that it’s too much.  My rational reaction is that the kid has been in trouble before and there is a good chance that this was a “last straw” type thing.  Either way, I think the University of Oregon needs to take it upon itself not to take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach and make sure the kid gets help.

In related news, Todd McShay has spent an entire column stating the obvious: that Blount’s actions from last night will hurt his draft stock. What would we do with Todd McShay? Although, I am linking to him, so perhaps the joke’s on me.

Layla Kiffin - LeGarrette Blount suspended, Brett Favre fine for chop block

And finally, the last quick-hitter, ancient and indecisive Vikings QB Brett Favre has been fined 10K for his chop block on Eugene Robinson. Favre thought about retiring when he received word about the fine, then decided against it, then realized his arm hurt and he missed his tractor, and then looked at himself in the mirror and marveled at how good he looked in his new Wranglers. Then he retired again. And then unretired. Then, presumably, he paid the fine.

(And yes, for the record, that is Layla Kiffin staring thoughtfully at me while podcasting. The photo might be doctored, and might have originally had Lane in it, but I will neither confirm nor deny this. Kudos again to KVB for making me look an idiot with cartoon headphones on. In honor of his hard work I try to post this picture whenever I can.)

And now onto the links!




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