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Derek Anderson and the Minnesota Vikings: A Perfect Fit?

Earlier this week Eric Mangini stated that whoever wins the quarterback battle will be the guy for the year. That is barring injury of of course. He also stated that neither Brady Quinn nor Derek Anderson would be going anywhere. Do you believe him? Neither do I.

This is the same guy that had the entire NFL believing that he was drafting Mark Sanchez with the fifth pick even though he had no intention of doing so. He ended up getting six players for him. Fans can only assume that he is playing mind games again.

The reality is that the competition between Quinn and Anderson is very close at this point. To me, that would give the tie breaker to Quinn for a couple of reasons. The system Mangini is implementing seems to fit his skill set more than Anderson’s. I also believe he will make fewer mistakes and has more room for growth.

If you go a little north there is another team with uncertainty at the quarterback position. That is the Minnesota Vikings. After failing to sign future Hall of Famer Brett Favre out of retirement, they were left with Tavaris Jackson and career back up Sage Rosenfels.

My initial thought was that they would pursue Michael Vick, but they seem to not really have any interest in him. That really isn’t that surprising considering the risk involved.

Then the Vikings declared that Tavaris Jackson would likely be the opening day starter. Now he is day to day with a sprained MCL. Now we don’t know how serious the injury is but anytime I hear MCL, it generally means the guy is out for awhile. Besides there are serious questions as to how good Jackson is at this point.

When they first signed Rosenfels, I thought he would be the starter. It is apparent now that’s not the case at all.

The way I see it, that makes Derek Anderson the perfect choice for the Vikings. I have been a huge advocate for Quinn starting in Cleveland. Now I am going to make a major admission here. If Quinn and Anderson were on the Vikings, I wouldn’t even think about it. Anderson would be my guy hands down.

Sure having Adrian Peterson behind him would speed the development of Quinn up fast. However, the defense is always up to stop Peterson. Quinn can go deep but his specialty is the quick slants and short to intermediate stuff. With the defense up, they would be able to knock a lot of them down.

Also, Peterson is the leader of that team and Quinn has a reputation for naturally becoming a leader quick. Too much leadership is not a good thing.

As for Anderson, I have made it known that I am concerned with his inconsistency, turnovers, and lack of leadership. Well those issues would be far less serious in Minnesota.

With Peterson there, Anderson wouldn’t have to be as much of a leader. Peterson would also draw all the attention of the defense. That will open up Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin down field and Anderson could deliver with far less risk of interception. As far as inconsistency goes, if Anderson is cold, feed your superstar tailback.

This just seems like a perfect fit. The Vikings do run a west coast type offense but it is one that features more of a big play threat than others. That is why Favre would have been a good fit. With Favre out of the picture and the Vikings not really having interest in Vick, Anderson looks like their best option.

For the Browns, the Vikings have plenty of guys on that defense that would look good in orange and brown.