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Random Thoughts As Halfway Point Approaches

As for NFL seasons, very few can argue the fact that this year’s has been one of the most outrageous.

Just a few things to note on right now.

1.  Tennessee Titans:  What is happening there?  One year, they are a playoff team, the next, they start out 0-6?  I know the loss of Jim Schwartz, as well as Albert “I Want Nine Figures to Post for Bail Money” Haynesworth, is going to impact the team.  But this is absolutely ridiculous. 

How about their leading passer this week was Vince Young.  His stats?  Zero completions off of two attempts, with an interception.  This supercedes start Kerry Collins’ effort of two completions out of twelve attempts for minus seven yards and an interception?

Let’s just say some big changes are coming ahead in Tennessee this week.

2.  Bill Belichick:  On that note, I just want to express my utter disgust at the New England coaching staff for opting to run the score up on the Titans this past week.  Not that we expect anything less from that waste of a human life, but there is an unwritten rule that one does not do that.  I know they began to run the ball more in the second half, but when you are up by that many points at half time, you do NOT keep throwing the ball the way they did.

3.  Derrius Heyward-Bey:  That’s a lot of money Oakland is throwing at a guy to not do anything.  Two catches thus far on the year after six games.  At this rate, he will catch between five and six passes for the year.  He will average about a million dollars per reception.

4.  Denver Broncos:  I will eat a slice of humble pie and say I was wrong about Josh McDaniels.  The kid has put together a great team that has outperformed everyone’s expectations (most fantasy football rankings had their defense rated thirty two).  And Mike Nolan has been absolutely brilliant with the team. 

Elvis Dumervil currently leads the NFL in sacks.  Starting defensive end Ryan McBean was a practice squad player last year.  Andre Goodman went from a nobody in Miami to bettering Dre Bly’s performance a year ago.  And Mario Haggan was a cast-off from Buffalo who is now a starter and major contributor in Denver.

I still feel that McDaniels made some questionable moves during the off-season (signing Lonnie Paxton to a very rich $5.5 million dollar contract for a mere long snapper in favor of retaining Mike Leach who never botched a snap and was making about half as much).  In time, however, I think McDaniels is going to be the right guy after all. 

The kid obviously has a passion for the job as evidenced by the New England post-game.

5.  Matt Forte:  You’re KILLING my fantasy football team.

6.  Michael Crabtree:  You’re killing professional football.  It’s attitudes like the ones you and your agent presented that make people think that pro football players are prima donnas that are only out for money. 

“Michael could and should have been taken in the top five or three picks.”  Well, guess what?  You weren’t.  Brady Quinn had the same thing happen to him.  Projected high and fell in the draft.  What happened?  Derek Anderson stepped in and had a Pro Bowl season while Quinn got to be an afterthought.

7.  St. Louis Rams:  Wow. Could there ever be a worse team in history?  There is not a single bright spot on the team, honestly.  Steven Jackson has underperformed for a few years now.  Marc Bulger is clearly not the guy people thought he was going to be.  Chris Long has yet to make an impact with the team.  In fact, he is no longer starting.  James Laurainitis has been playing decently. 

But overall, the team is going nowhere.  They need a big play wide receiver, and they need one tomorrow.  Very surprised they did not make a move to get someone like Crabtree, Braylon Edwards, or even Brandon Marshall.

8.  Drew Brees:  You’re the man.

9.  Detroit Lions:  At least you guys are trying.  The team has been making strides to becoming a team that will not be a cellar-dweller in a few years.  I actually applaud what is going on up in Michigan.

10.  Brett Favre:  Good for you.  While most people said you were too old to play and that you lost more than you retained, you continue to show them that they are wrong.  You are an inspiration to young children across the world.

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