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Have You Ever Lost Your Grip Because of Sports?

Sports make people do weird things. Or maybe some people are already weird, and sports simply serve as the outlet for their weirdness.

Have you ever done something you regret or otherwise felt odd about because of your dedication as a fan?

During the 2003 ALCS, I took an old Oakland A’s Jason Giambi bobblehead doll and put a soiled (with No. 1) diaper over it in vain hope, as a Red Sox fan, of jinxing the Yankees—Giambi’s team at the time.

My first child had recently been born, so I didn’t have to venture far for the diaper.

Giambi wound up jacking two bombs in Game Seven, and the Yankees took the pennant.

After that loss, I embarked on a long walk and disemboweled the bobblehead.

I believe this type of event manifests itself in different ways depending on the individual but happens to every hardcore sports fan at some point.

For some people, it happens in public, like the Cubs fan who lost it and threw beer at Philadelphia’s Shane Victorino at Wrigley Field earlier this month. (Then again, maybe that guy was just hammered.)

Then there was the White Sox fan who came on the field in 2003 to attack the umpire in the new Comiskey. Do these things only happen in Chicago?

Or, maybe you’re forced to deal with the public when you thought it was going to be just you. And maybe it happens in Winona, Minnesota.

From the Winona Daily News:

A woman on her way to St. Paul really got the goat of auto repairman James Prusci. She went to Tires Plus in Winona Friday, wanting a belt replaced on her Chevy Malibu. While he was doing paperwork, she said she had a goat in her trunk. “A what?” he asked. She told him she planned to butcher it.

It was painted Minnesota Viking colors—purple and gold—with Brett Favre’s No. 4 shaved on its side.

Prusci called animal control, which took the goat to a local vet. He was renamed Brett and placed in foster care.

Wonder what happened to the woman? Was she a Packers fan? Or maybe she’s a Vikings fan and, in some sort of figurative cannibalistic act, was celebrating the arrival of the guy who can’t retire.

We’ll likely never know, but she can’t be well.

Has this ever been you?

Stadiums have holding pens to handle unruly (drunk) fans. Maybe they should have psychiatric experts on hand to deal with the purple goat people.

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