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Brett Favre, Michael Vick News Cycle Drags on with No End in Sight

The NFL season is still three weeks away, and already two stories have been covered to the max, even by ESPN’s standards.

Michael Vick and Brett Favre need to be cut off the media radar.
Ironically, neither of the two will even be a factor during the 2009 season until at least mid-October. Vick finally signed with a team and is now practicing with the Eagles.
Is it really necessary to have Sal Paolantonio attend every Philly practice, giving us an update on Vick’s wind sprints? The speculations over what team would take the massive P.R. hit and sign him are over.
The man is out of jail and is now just another player in training camp. This does not merit the continued coverage. Talk to me in week six when he is ready to play.

I can already predict the Vick stories over the next two months:
Vick looks in shape, Vick gives Eagles a wildcat option, other teams must now worry about the Eagles running the wildcat, Donovan McNabb and Vick get along and are friends, McNabb and Vick will be on the field together, the protests, the angry headlines, and of course, the livid dog owners.
Does any of this have relevance to the first month of the 2009 NFL season? Why can’t this story go on the back burner till Vick can actually make an impact ON the field?
Sports Illustrated football writer Peter King already has a prediction:
“I think I’m setting the over/under on Sal Paolantonio’s days spent reporting from Eagle headquarters or Eagle games this season, and I’m doing it right now. There are 139 days between today and the end of the regular season. Over/under: 140.”
I’ll take the over.

Then there is Brett Favre. He just simply will not get away from my TV. It has been the most painfully slow death of an NFL career since Emmitt Smith went to the Arizona Cardinals.
After two agonizingly dull months of Favre to the Vikings talk, he decided to stay “retired.” I want the collective 24 hours of Favre updates of my life back, please.

So finally we all thought he would drift off into the sunset.

But wait, there’s more!
Yesterday some “unidentified” Vikings player was quite convinced Favre was coming when he said, “I’m telling you it’s already done. I don’t think anyone here doesn’t think that.”
Today a Mississippi TV station reported that Favre had boarded a plane en route to Minnesota. Here we go again…ESPN reports he will sign a $10-12 million deal.
Now we will be subjected to a whole new round of speculation amongst the talking heads. They will rehash the same arguments that have been used since the spring. Once again the focus will not be about X’s and O’s, but on a guy with a gray whiskers who may or may not be too old.
Knowing Favre, he might even change his mind four or five more times in the next month. The Sage Rosenfels era might end before it even gets started. So much for that impressive first preseason game; he’s getting bumped by a Wrangler jeans-wearing 39-year-old diva.
The running game will dictate the Vikings season, not Favre. So why doesn’t ESPN talk about Adrian Peterson every day? How did Carson Palmer and Tom Brady look in their first games back after major injuries? Which rookies look to have early success? How will Jay Cutler and the Bears compare to Kyle Orton and the Broncos? Will the Steelers’ offensive line hold up for big Ben Roethlisberger?
Unfortunately, this is all second fiddle to the media empires. We will continue to get bashed over the head with Vick and Favre well into the season.

The funny thing is that there is a chance neither player makes any sort of impact on the field. But clearly that is irrelevant.
You have been warned; be prepared for a loooong couple of months of the same old stories.


Michael Vick to the Vikings Would Create an Intriguing Situation for Minnesota

Nobody really has any idea at this point where Michael Vick is going to end up this season.

Some people have said the Pittsburgh Steelers or even the New England Patriots are the top contenders for him.

Others don’t even think he’ll play in the NFL and that he’ll go tear up the UFL for six to seven weeks as sort of a tryout.

There are also a number of questions surrounding his return, most notably his ability to play after almost two years away from the sport. His off-field issues are also something teams pursuing Vick need to be concerned about, not just dogfighting, but also his marijuana problem.

But put all of that aside for a moment and think about something for a second.

Vick would make a rather interesting combination with the Minnesota Vikings—especially now, since they didn’t get Brett Favre to re-unretire (I guess that word makes sense when talking about Favre).

Just think about the Vikings offense with Vick: Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, and Michael Vick—three very electrifying players, all on the same offense.

Tarvaris Jackson isn’t going to make Minnesota into a playoff contender any time soon, and neither is Sage Rosenfels. Favre could’ve, but we will never know.

Just imagine how powerful of an offense Minnesota could have with Vick as its quarterback.

Harvin has already played in an offense that used the option and utilized him in both the rushing and passing game, which obviously would translate well to a team with a wildcat formation, which Minnesota could have since they drafted Harvin.

Peterson has already established himself as the most dominant rusher in the NFL today after only two seasons in the league. He averages over 100 yards a game for his career. He’s just a beast—enough said.

Now take Vick, possibly the best scrambling quarterback in NFL history, a former 1,000-yard rusher, and another player that would fit great in a wildcat formation. Put him into the same offense as both Harvin and Peterson, and you have yourself one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL.

With all three of those guys on the field at the same time, and a wildcat or wildcat-like formation put into the offense, the Vikings could become a serious contender.

Defenses would have to game plan around all three of those guys, and you wouldn’t know who was going to get the ball or what they were going to do with it. It would cause so much confusion for the opposition and would strike fear into some of the best defenses around the league.

I know what Vick did was unforgivable, but he has served his time and should be allowed to get back to his career.

The Vikes don’t have a good QB, and they need one to go along with that solid defense and running game if they want to contend. Vick seems like he could be a good fit there.

I’m not saying he necessarily should become a Viking, but simply that it would make a very intriguing situation in Minnesota and could possibly, if it all went well, turn them into a serious contender in the NFC.


Why the Minnesota Vikings Should Not Go After Michael Vick

Brett Favre has finally ended the drama surrounding his potential return, announcing that he’s going to stay retired and relax at his Hattiesburg, Miss. home.

Upon hearing this announcement, many football people, now free from the incessant ESPN coverage and rumors concerning Favre’s return, are taking a deep sigh of relief.

Except for the Minnesota Vikings.

Favre was supposed to step in and be the final piece to Minnesota’s puzzle, the guy who was finally going to take the Vikings to the promised land.

Now finding themselves back at square one, Vikings brass now have to deal with the fallout of this news. Every move that quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels make will be scrutinized under the finest of microscopes, with people wondering whether No. 4 would have done any better.

Maybe they should try another former star quarterback from the NFC—old No. 7, Michael Vick.

Could the Vikings, fresh off of a Hall-of-Fame quarterback snubbing, consider signing Vick?

Yeah, Vick might be worth a look—he has a reputation as quite a playmaker.

Should they?

Not if they’re looking for an upgrade at QB.

At first glance, Vick’s name alone would be a huge draw. He was a household name with Atlanta and led the Falcons to two playoff appearances. He’s also been named to the Pro Bowl three times.

No doubt, he has an impressive resume. And something that the Vikings may consider if they want to sell tickets and make a push for that new stadium they’ve been clamoring about.

But a deeper look at his numbers show that he isn’t what the Vikings are looking for. Let’s compare Vick’s numbers to Minnesota’s incumbent QB, T-Jack.

In 74 games, Vick has completed 930 of 1,730 passes for 11,505 yards and a 53.8 completion percentage, which is tied with the great Randy Wright for 134th all-time.

Jackson, on the other hand, has had very similar numbers to Vick’s—in 25 career games, he’s completed 306 of 524 passes for a 58.4 completion percentage.

The main difference is that Jackson has yet to hit his prime, while Vick is most likely past his prime.

Not to mention that Vick probably hasn’t even touched a football since his incarceration and won’t be able to play until Week Six of the season. There’d be quite a readjustment period for Vick, one that the Vikings wouldn’t want to have to deal with.

The only thing Vick truly has going for him is his speed, which might work on a team featuring Harvin and Adrian Peterson.

But Minnesota isn’t looking for another running back. They need someone who can throw the ball down the field efficiently, someone who can manage the air attack while Peterson carries the offense.

Remember why the Vikes wanted Favre in the first place—Jackson has been frustratingly inconsistent during his three years in the league, and Rosenfels has never played a full season under center. In theory, Favre would have been the ideal person to sling the ball to Bernard Berrian, Percy Harvin, and Bobby Wade.

That may be asking too much of Vick, who has always struggled with making accurate passes throughout his career.

For Minnesota, it would be better to either continue developing the 26-year-old Jackson or turn the reins over to Rosenfels, who showed flashes of success while subbing for an injured Matt Schaub last year in Texas.

One thing is certain, though: making a run at Vick would be a big mistake for the Minnesota Vikings.



Michael Vick is the Quarterback Solution for Minnesota Vikings

First off, I want to congratulate Brett Favre on wasting everyone in the Viking Nation’s time. What a melodramatic urinal cake. But, on to the matter at hand.

We’ve just had one of the most athletic and talented players finish paying his debt to society and is now on hot pursuit back to the football field. And rightly so. When Roger Goodell decides to get over his inferiority complex, he’ll make the call as to when Michael Vick gets to his destination.

I’m not one to dwell on the past; we all know what Vick did and that he served his time and that everybody and their relatives had an opinion about it. Now, onto the present.

So, where exactly should Vick play? The title states it all. With the firepower Minnesota has loaded in the offensive barrel, why not add some explosive potential? With that many playmakers on one side of the ball, defensive coordinators are going to have nightmares trying to figure out defensive schemes.

What are Vick’s strengths? Strong arm, God-like elusiveness, great top-speed as well as acceleration, and relevant postseason experience.

As stated before, we all know he’s been in jail for the past two years. However, natural talent like that is hard to come by, and that kind of talent isn’t coached or taught. Even if Vick lost a few steps, he still should have no issues competing at a high level. Anyone disagree with that has probably never played sports before.

Minnesota’s offensive scheme is quite simple for any quarterback that winds up taking the snaps. All he has to do is be a game manager. The skill positions and the defense will handle the rest. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Baltimore Ravens are perfect examples of the potential of that scheme when executed properly.

Insert Michael Vick into a talent pool consisting of: Bernard Berrian, the league leader in deep ball receptions to compliment Vick’s rocket arm; Adrian Peterson, the league leader in rushing yards to take a major portion of the pressure off the quarterback; Percy Harvin, an absolute nightmare in the open space who Vick could toss screens, quick slants, and dump-offs to.

Not to mention a “Wildcat” formation full of talent that former Arkansas head coach Gus Malzahn could only fantasize about. Don’t forget Vick’s playoff experience, something that’ll be helpful seeing as he has actually won a playoff game, something the Vikes have fallen short of since they lost Randy Moss. Though he may be seasoned, he’s still just 29. There’s a good three or four years left in the tank.

I’m sure this is all wishful thinking, but just the idea should make any offensive junkie’s mouth water. If Minnesota can make it to the playoffs with Gus Frerotte at QB, who knows what can be accomplished with Michael Vick running the offense? 




Brett Favre’s Retirement Opens Door for Michael Vick

Vikings fans everywhere are disappointed about the announcement that Brett Favre has decided to stay retired. 

Even at the age of 40, Favre would bring credibility to any team. Opposing defenses needed to respect Favre’s abilities. He made things happen with the football. He was a gunslinger.

Favre held the Vikings hostage with his indecision, and now Minnesota is stuck with another season of having a passing game that doesn’t scare anyone. Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson hardly strike fear into the hearts of NFL secondaries.

Minnesota is once again one-dimensional, and has to rely on Adrian Peterson to win their games for them.

Or do they?

The Vikings were ready to take a risk with the aging arm of Brett Favre after the end of the season meltdown he had last year with the Jets. Why wouldn’t they be willing to take a shot on another risky player?

Michael Vick is free and clear to sign with any team in the NFL, but few teams are in need of a starting QB. 

Minnesota already has a “backup plan” in place with Rosenfels and Jackson, but the Vikings know that neither of these guys has the chops, or they wouldn’t have entertained the possibility of Favre’s third coming.  

The Vikings have also constantly shown that they are willing to ignore a player’s off-the-field faults, as was the case with Percy Harvin and Randy Moss.

The addition of Vick just makes sense, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  It is a risk, but it could pay off.

Aside from the PR frenzy it might cause, (which would go away after a few months) the real question with Vick is if he still has what it takes to play football in the NFL. If he can answer positively to that question, then I can’t see how this doesn’t make sense.

If Minnesota signs Vick, they could have a monopoly in the running game. They would have Michael Vick, a QB with great speed, Peterson, the most dominant running back in the league, and Percy Harvin, a receiver threat who can run the ball.

All the different possibilities that Vick could create are just amazing.  

It makes sense, Minnesota. Embrace the madness and go get Michael Vick!


NFL’s Top 5 Questions Going Into Training Camp

Mini-camps have closed in the NFL and now we head into the worst four weeks in the NFL all year. These next four weeks are full of anticipation as the players take their break before the start of the grueling five-to-six months of NFL Football.

As it is every year, there are many questions for all franchises heading into this part of the year. It is very hard to single out just a few, but in this article, I will take a look at, what in my view, are the biggest problems teams will be facing.

Before we start, here are some questions that didin’t make the list.

  • How will Jay Cutler fair in Chicago?
  • How will the three first round picks at quarterbacks do in their first year?
  • How will Josh McDaniels do after the controversial off season? 

That’s enough with the questions that didn’t make the cut. So without further adieu, here are the Top Five questions going into training camp.

5. Will Julius Peppers be able to work out a long term deal with Carolina?

The Panthers were finally able to get Julius Peppers to sign his franchise tag contract, and he now says he is happy in Carolina and is looking forward to a long term deal with the franchise. This could be extremely important because it would be very costly to have to franchise tag him again next year. For Carolina it is the sooner the better.

 4.  How will Brett Favre’s re-unretirement unfold with the Vikings?

This year’s sequel to the Brett Favre saga has been less interesting than the box-office sensation that kept us hanging on the edge of our seats last year. With a predictable ending, many fans and viewers will be disappointed with this failed attempt at remaking what was once an amazing thing.

I project this to be rated 2 out of 5 stars by most critics.

 3. What will happen with Brandon Marshall and the Broncos?

“You’re not getting traded! Get your [butt] in training camp and we’ll give you the big money next year!” -Josh McDaniels (Late July, 2009)

This conversation needs to happen in order for Josh McDaniels to gain control of his team. I’m interested in seeing this one play out.

 2. Will Plaxico Burress be suspended? If not, who will he play for?

At this point in time, I feel that Plaxico Burress will not be suspended.

Comissioner Roger Goodell would have done it by now if he was going to do that. That being said, I think that as soon as Goodell says he will not be suspended, teams will forget that they ever said they weren’t interested. I think he will most likely end up in Chicago, Tampa Bay, or Baltimore.

1. Will Michael Vick be reinstated? If so, who will want him?

Michael Vick did a bad thing, and did his time for it. He deserves a second chance and I believe he will be given one. The problem is, who is interested?

With such a troubled past, teams may be afraid to sign the once star quarterback. If he can’t make it into the NFL, he will have to try to make it in the UFL, which is begining its inaugueral season in October.

There it is. Not much surprising but that’s my take. If you disagree, comment or write a whole other article on your opinion. Looking forward to you opinion.

Note to the Editor: I made my article this way because that’s how I wanted it. Please do not edit format.


The NFL Players Who Keep Us Most Entertained During the Offseason

The NFL Off-season is long… There’s very little news coming from the top NFL sites. Teams are very secretive about any information of worth, and so we’re left with reading articles about Donte Stallworth, highly unlikely rumors, predictions which have already been predicted, and then information about stadiums and VPs. Do you even know any team’s VPs? And If you’re wondering where I came up with those article subjects, just take a look at the most recent articles.

Fortunately, there is a group of players who have taken it upon themselves to keep us from getting bored while we wait for the first kickoff. You can see two of them in the picture above. But just a note, not all of these players are one’s who make the news for their egos or poor behavior. Some of them are just good players that have excited us anew with their potential for stardom.

So without wasting more time, here are the top NFL Players, who entertain us during the long off-season.