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Tarvaris Jackson Getting Dumped by Minnesota Vikings

You knew it was only a matter of time before rumors started flying around about Tarvaris Jackson and the Minnesota Vikings. Well, the rumors appear to be true now, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

What are you going to do when you’ve got the quarterback who led the New York (Jersey) Jets to a 9-7 and AFC East third-place finish last year in the house? You gotta trade or release the guy who helped your team to a 10-6 record and a first-place finish in the NFC North, right?

Well, now that Brett Favre is on board for the Minnesota Vikings, it’s looking like Tarvaris Jackson is history. The team is apparently trying to trade or release him by Friday, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The team doesn’t want to trade him within the division, of course, but beggars cannot be choosers, and it’s expected that the Detroit Lions may try to snag him for a low draft pick. Otherwise, expect Jackson to be out on the street by the weekend with a whole lot of incentive to beat Minnesota wherever he ends up.

What a way to treat the player that helped you reach the playoffs last season. Stay classy, Vikings front office.


Tarvaris Jackson Rumored To Be Shopped by Vikings, but No Takers?

The Minnesota Vikings are encountering a busy week in August as preseason nears the halfway point.

After going through with the signing of Brett Favre on Tuesday, which resulted in a two-year, $25 million contract, we knew that in the end somebody would get the bad end of the deal and possibly be moved to another team.

In this case, it looks like Tarvaris Jackson is the odd man out.

According to a report, the Minnesota Vikings are shopping the quarterback around the league. Jackson is surely a quarterback that needs some adjustments and if put in good hands, maybe it could happen.

Teams like the Cincinnati Bengals, who were searching for a backup, along with the St. Louis Rams, who could use a change of scenery as well, might be a good fit.

Who knows, maybe the New England Patriots will take Jackson on as a backup and turn him into a polished quarterback. (Hey, they’ve worked better miracles, haven’t they?)

A little over a month ago, Jackson voiced his opinion about wanting out of Minnesota, but that unrest settled down when Favre said he was going to stay retired.

The question still remains: Can the Vikings get any value for Jackson? After all, the franchise does see potential in him, believing up to this point that he would be the starter for this ball club.

Yet, as of now, they would be lucky to get a late round draft pick of any sort.

With the season inching closer, it will be interesting to see if any talks heat up, and whether or not Jackson can find a new home in 2009.


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Source: Brett Favre Will Sign with Vikings Today

Multiple reports have come out saying Brett Favre was seen boarding a Minnesota-bound plane bearing a Vikings logo Tuesday.

Mark Rosen of WCCO-TV in Minneapolis is reporting Favre is expected to sign with the team Tuesday. Rosen also said Favre will practice with the team at their afternoon practice.

WCCO spoke with an official at the Hattiesburg, Miss. airport, who saw an airplane with the Vikings logo leave the airport Tuesday morning.

Favre was expected to sign with the team prior to training camp but ultimately told the team he would remain retired.

It now appears that a Favre signing is imminent.

UPDATE: Favre will sign a $10-12 million deal pending a physical.

Vikings coach Brad Childress has confirmed the reports in an email to the Associated Press


Report: Brett Favre Puts Deposit on Minnesota Condo

According to a report by Charley Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, retired quarterback Brett Favre and his wife Deanna have put a $30,000 deposit down on a condominium in Edina, Minn., close to the Minnesota Vikings’ team facilities.

It seems we who have been following Favre this offseason get a bit at a time, and this is the latest that makes us believe that we will see the future Hall of Fame quarterback leading the Vikings offense this season.

Vikings single game tickets will go on sale July 20, so if Favre does become a Viking, it would most likely happen before that date, as the team would want to sell those tickets fast.

Bus Cook, Favre’s agent, will likely be busy this week after his former client Steve McNair was tragically killed this past weekend in an apparent homicide that took place in Nashville, Tenn.

So if we rule out this week and anytime after July 20, next week would be the best bet to put your money on an official Favre-to-Vikings announcement.

Stay tuned for the next clue, purple country.


Marvin Harrison Eyes Minnesota Vikings as Brett Favre Signing Draws Near

Brett Favre signing day seems to be coming up on us. We all know it. Favre has surgery, Favre gets a trainer from the Vikings to work with him, Favre buys a house in the Twin Cities—we all see where the road leads.

One thing that remains is the issue of when. When will Favre make the leap and become part of the team that he spent almost half of his natural life as their enemy? Not too long now, that much is certain.

The Vikings will likely make the signing public in the coming weeks, as Vikings single-game tickets for the 2009 season go on sale July 20. With that said, July 12-14 seems the likeliest time for the Vikings to bring the news out.

July 3 would have seemed ideal, with most of the media at home with their families for Independence Day, but the Vikings had to push things back with regards for ticket selling.

Then again, what if there was another reason the Vikings were pushing things back? Maybe some other big news that has been cooking for some time is ready to come forward.

It has been known through the St. Paul Pioneer Press‘ website on June 25 (from Charley Walters) that Marvin Harrison has been in contact with the Vikings front office.

With that said, maybe Minnesota is trying to wrap both Favre and Harrison in one fell swoop in order to have, potentially, one of the most dynamic receiving corps in the NFL.

With Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin already sure fits, Harrison would round out the top three receivers and make Minnesota’s receiving corps scary. Adrian Peterson would have even more ability to run with defenses afraid to play up with the likes of Favre and Harrison alone on the Vikings offense.

Of course, with that said, the Vikings’ position battles for wideout would become a bit more clouded. Sidney Rice and Bobby Wade would be battling for the fourth and fifth spots on the depth chart. With Harrison’s injury-prone nature, they may see more time, but not the time they were accustomed to 2007 or 2008.

Aundrae Allison would most likely find himself out of a job, and Jaymar Johnson, the Vikings’ sixth-round pick in 2008 who spent last year on the practice squad, would be stuck waiting in line for another season on the practice squad.

The Vikings are looking for a “one-year, low-end” deal. The deal has much less risk than the Favre deal. Harrison is obviously not a top-notch, go-to guy anymore. With that said, he’d be most likely the No. 3 receiver and would probably be a possession receiver.

There’s little risk with this deal—a couple million just to see if a legend still has something left in the tank isn’t much to risk to see if he’s still “for real.” Besides, the younger receivers like Johnson, Rice, and even Wade could use the insight of one of the better receivers to ever play the game.

All the same, the Cowboys have also expressed interest in the 12-year veteran receiver. Although Tony Romo would be a great QB to catch passes from, the Vikings are going for a one-hit wonder and trying have the best all-around team.

Harrison has caught 1,102 passes for 14,580 yards and 128 touchdowns in his 12-year career.


Report: Brett Favre Is a Minnesota Viking

The saga is over—again. The Vikings have an agreement in principle with quarterback Brett Favre, who will report to Vikings training camp.

Multiple sources, both radio and Internet, are claiming a contract is near completion, and that Favre will likely have landed an incentive-laden one-year deal that could reach the $8-10 million range. A formal announcement will likely not come until later in the week, but the lights are all green to go—or really, they’re purple, right?

A formal announcement is even more unlikely with Packer Report stating that Vikings’ head coach Brad Childress will be fishing in Alaska along with Eagles head coach Andy Reid.

Unless the deal falls through, Favre gives the Vikings a proven top option at quarterback that represents an instant upgrade over Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels, who were expected to compete for the starting job.

Favre’s agent Bus Cook has denied anything is finalized, but don’t most agents do that as part of their typical protocol?

Speculation intensified when Favre had surgery on his shoulder earlier this offseason, something he would not have done at that time had football not been on his mind.

From my view, the expected addition of Favre makes the Vikings not just the favorites in their division, but also favorites to win the NFC. If there ever was a final piece to the Vikings’ puzzle, Favre is it.

They have a top rushing attack, headlined by All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson and two burners at wide receiver in Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian, to match Favre’s gunslinger mentality.

I hope he is not in this solely for the revenge factor of getting to whack the Pack twice this season. He needs to be there mentally for the other 14 games, or it will do nothing but hinder this team.

Knowing Favre, and seeing how he has gotten his way, we could see him in Minnesota beyond 2009 at this point.

P.S. If you are a Madden player, put Favre on your team and try it out, completely amazing!

An NBC-affiliated site was the first to churn out the news.

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