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NFL HOF Injustice: Joey Browner Is Not in Canton

Former Minnesota Viking Great Joey Browner is once again on the ballot for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.

Joey Browner, Minnesota Vikings 1982-1991, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1992. Five time Hall of Fame Nominee, six time Pro Bowl Player. Starter on ALL TIME 1980’s defensive team NFL. One of the hardest hitting defenders to EVER play the game. 

Just ask any of his peers about whether Browner should be inducted and they will ALL tell you it is LONG overdue!

The fact that he has not been enshrined yet is a terrible injustice to football and to Joey Browner’s football career.

Log on to,, or

Click on the button that says vote now. Search by team, click on Minnesota Vikings, click on “BROWNER”.

You can let your voice be heard and tell the voters that Joey Browner should be FINALLY voted in to the Hall of Fame.

You can compare his stats to those on the ballot as well as those who have already been voted in.

Joey Browner, Minnesota Vikings 1982-1991, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1992. Five time Hall of Fame Nominee, six time Pro Bowl Player. Starter on All time 1980’s defensive team NFL.

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Brett Favre Is Dead to Me

I was willing to let this Favre thing go. In a way, I was happy he exposed the Vikings for what they were—desperate and willing to put one man before the team.

Then I heard him utter these words: “Real Packers fans understand.”

Really, Brett? Because I have been a real Packers fan my whole life, before you even knew who we were, and let me tell you what I understand:

  1. I understand you jerked us around every year and were not committed enough in the team to stay within the game plan all those years, or maybe you would have won more than one Super Bowl.
  2. I understand that you are now playing for the division rival you promised to hold your breath until you got to last season.
  3. I understand that you are spitting in the face of the greatest franchise in the history of sports just to get back at Ted Thompson for not placating your whims no matter how many times you changed your mind.
  4. I understand that it is like a parent who is so vindictive against their ex that they do not mind hurting the kids they are supposed to love to get back at said ex. We as fans did not fail to placate your ego by putting up with your lack of commitment to the relationship; we just loved you every Sunday. But you obviously hate Thompson more than you love us, which is less than we loved you.
  5. I understand that what you mean by that statement is that “real” Packers fans should agree with your vindictive attitude, which is why, as promised, you are dead to me. I will be burning my Brett Favre keepsakes on the last Saturday of August, lest the curse of your negative spirit bleed over into the season.
  6. I also understand that we are better off with Aaron Rodgers.
  7. What’s more, we are better off with you in Minnesota, because you are not the quarterback you used to be.

Let them deal with your passion overriding better judgment as you try so hard to beat us you beat them. Now they can deal with your prima donna attitude that most certainly undermines that locker room, and that you are better than your teammates and should live by a different set of rules. And now they can deal with you showing their coach to be as weak with his words as you are.

Let them deal with the fact that you have thrown 15 TDs and 39 picks from Thanksgiving on in the past four seasons. All of that is going to hurt our rivals, so in trying to get back at us, you are helping us once more. But since your intent is evil, that is what we will judge you for.

Not to equate the magnitude of our struggles with you to spiritual battles, but for the believer, everything is a spiritual battle, and that’s why two scriptures did come to mind in this affair. Genesis 50:20 says, “you meant evil for me, but God meant it for good.” Proverbs 21:2 (and other Proverbs) says, “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the hearts.”

Let me just say now that if you are still a Favre apologist, you are not allowed to speak to me. Unless he repents of what he has done, I will not forgive him—if I could stop him from going into the Hall of Fame as a Packer, I would.