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Battles of Mankato: Vikings Training Camp 2009

With time winding down until the beginning of Vikings training camp August 1st at Minnesota State in Mankato, now would seem to be the perfect time to take a look at the position battles that will be resolved heading in camp.

The Vikes find themselves standing on a razor’s edge at the moment.

The team has locked up a solid core of a run dominated offense with All-Star Adrian Peterson and one the largest lines in the NFL. Their defense is one of the most stout in the NFL and is the best at stopping the run behind both Kevin and Pat Williams at the Tackle Positions.

With only one or two more pieces needed this training camp may be one of the most important ones the Vikings have ever held, as its results will determine if the franchise will progress towards contention of a NFC title and possibly a Superbowl or continued mediocrity

So let’s take a look shall we?


2009 NFL Team Rankings: 7-13

7. Minnesota Vikings– after a debate between the Vikes the Bears and the Pack I decided the Vikes because of.

Adrian Peterson- Do I really have to go on?

Defense– Against the run I shouldn’t even have to say anything but against the pass they weren’t the best but either way their offense should more than make up for it with a lethal and highly underrated wide receiving corps

There are some questions about QB but they should do good enough to manage the game.

11-5 with a wild card playoff berth

8. Green bay Packers- Yes the NFC North is going to have 2 playoff teams this year. I’ll show you why

Aaron Rodgers– In his first full year as a starter he threw for 4000+ yards with 28 TD’s 

Ryan Grant– He finally took the full load and got 1200+ yards but only 4 TD’s

WR’s- Greg Jennings was a great WR last year but Donald Driver is getting up there in age.

9. New York Giants- Some people will say I am overrating them and some may say I am underrating them but I put them at number 9 because of

Eli Manning- Say what you want about him being overrated but he does what a quarterback does and he wins games.

Brandon Jacobs– Again say what you want about him losing Derrick Ward but he does what a running back does and he gets you touchdowns. In fact he got 15 in 13 games last year.

9-7 while missing out on the playoffs narrowly

10. Houston Texans– I have them as one of 4 bounce back teams for this year and I have them taking the crown of the AFC south. Let me break it down for you.

Matt Schuab– When this guy is healthy you are really not going to fare well. 3000+ yards when missing 6 games? he averaged more than 300 yards per game that’s enough said.

Andre Johnson– He is just a complete beast he led the league in everything but TD’s. He is better than or identical than the “magical” Larry Fitzgerald.

Steve Slaton– He put up 1282 yards in his ROOKIE season which is very impressive. He also benefits from teams having to double team Andre Johnson while Owen Daniels and Kevin Walter have to be covered also.

11-5 with a wild card berth losing to the Chargers in the wild card

11. Baltimore Ravens– After a great 2008 Joe Flacco is looking to avoid the sophomore slump. Why will he? Because of this.

Running attack– Individually this running group just sucks. When put together these 3 people can really bring some numbers. Ray Rice,Willis McGahee, and Leron McLain are good together because McGahee is injury prone.

Defense– Many say this defense carried the team and I would be fine with that as long as they can use their strength to get to the promised land. This defense is top 5 for sure and will be for the next few years.

The WR’s are the Ravens biggest weakness but Flacco is in a run first offense so he will not be asked to put up great numbers.

10-6 with a wild card berth

12. Indianapolis Colts– The Indianapolis Colts have had many greats this decades and still have many but they are now on the decline of a great decade. They will still make the playoffs because of-

Peyton Manning– The official definition of consistent is Peyton Manning. He has never thrown for less than 4000 yards since his rookie season. But that will change this year where he will drop to 3850 yards. Did I also mention he was MVP last year?

WR’s– They have Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzales and Dallas Clark as their TE. Reggie Wayne is highly underrated and one of the best. Anthony Gonzales is going to have a breakout year and Dallas Clark is a great TE.

Their biggest weakness is RB. Joseph Addai has been a dissapointment so far execpt for 2007. Donald Brown shows potential but Joseph is only 25 and will get the work load.