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Tarvaris Jackson or Seneca Wallace?: NFL, Teams Take Your Pick

In all of his back-up wisdom, Minnesota Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson decided to ask for a trade request. That will probably be the biggest mistake of his NFL career.

He has the chance to learn behind Brett Favre, one of the best to throw on the pads, and grow that way, but he decided he wanted it for himself and he saw he wasn’t going to start with Favre coming in.

Right now Jackson is probably a No. 2 QB, or even a third, depending on the team you put him on. There are many problems that Jackson has in asking for a trade:

1) He’s a horrible QB, and probably should try running back.

2) He’s the No. 2 QB in Minnesota.

Who in their right mind would trade for a No. 2 QB in Minnesota, and would be a No. 3 or No. 4 QB on any other team?

Now, Jackson really hasn’t put it out on the field, but the idea came to me: There is also another undersized QB that is currently a No. 2 QB, and his name is Seneca Wallace.

I thought I would compare the two and see which player people and teams would choose.

Tarvaris Jackson or Seneca Wallace? Let’s take a look at both.


Seneca Wallace

Wallace, more than a backup last season, led the Seattle Seahawks to three out of their four wins last season. They almost could have had 5-6 wins if not for the Patriots game and a few others.

Now, since 2007, Wallace has seen a lot of regular season playing time due to Matt “thinning” Hasselbeck.

Wallace played 10 games in each of the last two years, eight games 2006, and seven in 2005.

Last season was by far Wallace’s best season. He threw for 1.532 yards, 11 TD, and only three INT. Wallace was only sacked 14 times, which gives him 34 for his career.

That’s a pretty good season, especially when the QB is 5’11” and can’t even see over the offensive lineman.


Tarvaris Jackson

Jackson was in a much different situation than Wallace. Jackson was the starting QB, and then was replaced by Gus Frerotte. Then for the last four games Jackson was the starter and did pretty well.

Now, Jackson is really known more for his legs than his arm, and he’s proved that in recent seasons.

Last season Jackson threw for 1,056 yards, nine TD, and two INT in eight games—not as well as Wallace, but not too bad nonetheless.

The main difference between Wallace and Jackson is that Jackson is 6″2″ and 225 pounds, while Wallace is 5’11” and 205 pounds.


So now the decision has to be made. Who would you rather trade for if Seneca Wallace joined Tarvaris Jackson on the trade block?

Wallace or Jackson?

My choice would be Wallace, simply because he can throw and run. Plus, he has a better football IQ than Jackson does, and looks at all the possibilities instead of locking onto one player.

So who would you pick?