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What Is It Going to Take To Beat Favre’s Records?

Brett Favre has all the big quarterback records in the NFL. If he were to quit today, which isn’t going to happen, what would it take for the other quarterbacks to surpass these milestones?  Which quarterbacks have the best chance of bumping Favre down to No. 2 in the record books? Let’s explore the possibilities.

The Records:

As of October 20, 2009, the 40 year old Brett Favre has the following records:

Passing Attempts 9,458

Passing Completions 5,844

Yards Thrown 66,474

Touchdowns 476

Interceptions 312

Winning Games 175

Consecutive Starts 275

The Competition

Here is what the competition would have to average every year until the age of 38 if Brett Favre were to retire today. Of course, Favre is still playing and every week passes with ground gained and/or lost during the course of the season.

I picked five popular QB’s around the league and left out the ones (Kerry Collins, Donovan McNabb) who appear unlikely to have much gas left in the tank to make a run for the big records. Numbers are rounded.  

Quarterback Seasons Until Age 38 Attempts Completions Yards TD INT Wins
Peyton Manning 5 663 374 3,840 26 29 11
Tom Brady 6 927 565 6,384 45 37 14
Drew Brees 8 706 567 4,852 38 26 14
Eli Manning 10 701 447 5,046 37 24 13
Aaron Rodgers 13 669 412 4,665 34 23 13


Why did I make this list?

I compiled this list to educate anyone making claims about X or Y quarterback potentially taking Favre’s all-time records away. Some claims are legitimate while others are far reaching. It doesn’t mean all of these quarterbacks have obtained amazing feats on their own as Tom Brady has championship rings and Super Bowl MVP awards for most to be jealous of.

Other QB’s on the list are early in their career and have a long way to go, and people (I’m looking at you, GB PACKERS FANS) need to be informed how difficult it will be to obtain Favre-like numbers.

Who can knock out Favre?

One man: Peyton Manning. These numbers assume all players retire at age 38. Peyton Manning probably has the ability to play for longer if he stays healthy. At his current pace, Manning will likely be passing up Favre’s records 4-5 years after the man finally takes a final knee.

With 275 consecutive games under his belt, that record will be the most difficult to obtain.  When Favre retires, Manning will have to play five seasons and an additional 14 games to steal that one away.  This means Manning must play injury-free until he’s 39!

Unfortunately for Favre, it looks like the person who may beat his interception record may not even be born yet.

Statistically, Favre and Manning will be No. 1 and No. 2 on lists for many years to come. Be glad that you are witnessing these living legends take the field.

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NFL HOF Injustice: Joey Browner Is Not in Canton

Former Minnesota Viking Great Joey Browner is once again on the ballot for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.

Joey Browner, Minnesota Vikings 1982-1991, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1992. Five time Hall of Fame Nominee, six time Pro Bowl Player. Starter on ALL TIME 1980’s defensive team NFL. One of the hardest hitting defenders to EVER play the game. 

Just ask any of his peers about whether Browner should be inducted and they will ALL tell you it is LONG overdue!

The fact that he has not been enshrined yet is a terrible injustice to football and to Joey Browner’s football career.

Log on to,, or

Click on the button that says vote now. Search by team, click on Minnesota Vikings, click on “BROWNER”.

You can let your voice be heard and tell the voters that Joey Browner should be FINALLY voted in to the Hall of Fame.

You can compare his stats to those on the ballot as well as those who have already been voted in.

Joey Browner, Minnesota Vikings 1982-1991, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1992. Five time Hall of Fame Nominee, six time Pro Bowl Player. Starter on All time 1980’s defensive team NFL.

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