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NFL Power Rankings Week Seven: Vikings Ride Brett Favre Mojo

By the UO Sports Dude

This was one of the worst sports weekends of my life. The Oregon Ducks had the week off, the 49ers were on a bye, the A’s are long gone, and it’s still preseason for the Warriors and the Sharks (wait, we’re two weeks into the NHL regular season already? I had no idea).

Without the privilege of watching my beloved Ducks on Saturday, I was forced to watch something only one step below water boarding on the torture scale—Big Ten football. Iowa-Wisconsin, Ohio State-Purdue, Penn State-Minnesota? Gross. And by the way, what’s Michigan doing playing an FCS team in Week Seven?

It was so bad I chose to write my four-page philosophy essay instead. The only reason I retained my sanity through the weekend was the NFL Red Zone channel.  

But all will be made up for next weekend, when I travel to Seattle for the first time to support the Ducks in Husky Stadium. Who cares if my seats are in Lake Washington.

On to the rankings.

32 (32) – Rams:

Somebody please tell me why the Red Zone channel kept flashing back to this game during the last few minutes of the RavensVikings game? Really. Did anybody outside of St. Louis or Jacksonville care? Hell, did anybody in St. Louis or Jacksonville care?

31 (30) – Buccaneers:

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, they lose to Jake Delhomme’s Carolina Panthers. At home. The only bright spot was Cadillac Williams’ performance, because now my roommate can shut up about him being the reason why his fantasy football team is 1-5.  Your QB is Mark Sanchez! Cadillac isn’t the problem.

30 (25) – Titans:

This team couldn’t find an identity—until this week. They are now officially the best worst team in the AFC. And after witnessing Derek Anderson’s appallingly dreadful performance last week, Kerry Collins had to one-up him. He threw for negative seven yards in 12 attempts. Seriously. How bad can Vince Young be?

29 (27) – Browns:

Just so you get a sense of how truly pathetic Cleveland is, their top performer, according to the Yahoo! Sports box score, was fullback Lawrence Vickers, who had one touch for one yard.

28 (26) – Lions:

Scrappiness can only take you so far when you have almost zero talent. Jim Schwartz is a good coach, but can you really expect them to score even once when their QBs are Dante Culpepper and Mike Stanton and their number one wide out is Dennis Northcutt?

27 (28) – Chiefs:

That’s an odd way to score 14 points. Four field goals and a safety.

26 (24) – Redskins:

Washington has faced a winless team in every single game so far and they are still 2-4. If that doesn’t deserve firing, then I don’t know what does.

25 (31) – Raiders:

This could be the biggest upset in the history of survival football pools. Servers are still crashing as we speak.

24 (28) – Bills:

You force seven turnovers and still need overtime to score 16 points? Something tells me the Jets lost this game more than Buffalo won it.

23 (19) – Seahawks:

Fourteen total rushing yards. 0-11 on third down. Five sacks allowed. Seventeen minutes of possession. Talk about a bad football team. The bye week couldn’t come at a better time.

22 (23) – Panthers:

Why wouldn’t teams stack nine in the box? Jake Delhomme now has thrown 14 interceptions in his last six games and has a 56.8 QB rating for the season.

21 (22) – Jaguars:

The Jags were 11-16 on third down, outgained the Rams by 230 yards, and had only three penalties for 15 yards, yet still needed overtime to beat the least talented team in the NFL. How does that happen?

20 (17) – Dolphins:

The home team coming off of a bye week theory gets a big test this weekend when the Saints come to town. Not buying it.

19 (11) – Jets:

Congratulations to Mark Sanchez for becoming the first two-time winner of the weekly Simple Jack Award. Hey Mark, never go full retard.

18 (21) – Texans:

Houston made the Bengals look like, well, the Bengals. Matt Schaub has become a fantasy must-start every week.

17 (18) – Cowboys:

The epitome of mediocrity. 3-0 versus losing teams and 0-2 versus winners. Fantasy note: I am never drafting Roy Williams again.

16 (20) – Cardinals:

What is Arizona going to do when they play a team that takes away the pass? Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower are getting it done less than my food situation at home. I’ve been living off of Power Bars and instant oatmeal packets for two weeks. College.

15 (10) – Bengals:

This is what Jeffri Chadiha had to say about Cincinnati in ESPN’s power rankings this week: “Matt Schaub shredded them in their loss to Houston.” Thanks for all the hard work and insight you put into that one, Jeffri.

14 (16) – Packers:

And if his analysis of the Bengals wasn’t enough, Chadiha had this to say about Green Bay: “They still haven’t found a way to protect QB Aaron Rodgers.” ESPN, you seriously can’t find anyone better than this guy?

13 (15) – Chargers:

I hate fantasy football. Losing by three coming into Monday Night’s game, I owned Eddie Royal and Darren Sproles. Thanks to the amazing score settings in my lone remaining undefeated league, I received a total of 1.40 points from the duo, despite a combined three return touchdowns. Is there any activity more popular than fantasy football that causes so many complaints?

12 (6) – Eagles:

Is there anything more embarrassing for a head coach than losing to JaMarcus Russell? I can’t think of anything.

11 (13) – Bears:

Another gem from Chadiha: “Red zone problems killed them in a loss to Atlanta.” My freakin’ 11-year-old brother could have told me that.

10 (12) – 49ers:

Michael Crabtree is starting!! Michael Crabtree is starting!! Michael Crabtree is starting!! Michael Crabtree is starting!! Michael Crabtree is starting!! Yeah, I’m kinda excited.

9 (9) – Ravens:

Baltimore almost completed the greatest comeback of the season. Too bad almost counts for diddly squat. We almost made the playoffs. I almost won the lottery. They almost successfully completed your kidney transplant. You get the idea. Almost isn’t good.

8 (8) – Falcons:

Atlanta and New Orleans could be the most exciting division race this season. Their Week Eight will tell us a lot.

7 (14) – Steelers:

Big Ben is back, thanks to the re-emergence of one of the toughest football players in the NFL: Hines Ward. Man, does he play football the right way.

6 (4) – Giants:

The Saints stomped Eli Manning and the Giants so badly, that New Orleans even let Mark Brunell onto the field. Yes, that Mark Brunell. The one who hasn’t attempted a pass since 2006, and is making just under $5 million this season. Seriously.  

5 (7) – Patriots:

This game looked eerily reminiscent of 2007. Have Tom Brady and the boys finally got their mojo back? We won’t find out until they play Indy in Week Ten, but it will be fun to see how many points they can put up at Tampa Bay on Sunday. Is 60 out of the question?

4 (5) – Broncos:

Josh McDaniels for Coach of the Year. That is all.

3 (3) – Colts:

I don’t have anything new to say because of the bye, so I’ll just repeat what I said last week:

The only thing better than Peyton Manning is this article from CNN. For all guys past puberty, Christmas just came early. This could transform college campuses, save marriages, and possibly bring world peace. Seriously, guys, you want to read this.

2 (2) – Saints:

Drew Brees passed for 369 yards and four touchdowns and I was still outscored by my opponent’s QB. I would be mad if I didn’t have such crazy man-love for Tom Brady.

1 (1) – Vikings:

I think someone brainwashed Brett Favre into thinking it’s 2001. He cannot possibly still be this good. So far, this is statistically the best season of his career. Wow.

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My 2009 NFL Season (And Postseason) Picks


Patriots—(12-4) The machine continues to roll with Wonder Boy back.

Miami—(9-7) They aren’t as good as their 11-5 season, but they are somewhere in between. Wildcat will work at times, and at least make them fun to watch.

NY Jets—(8-8) Spend a lot of money, but get little results. They did nicely in FA and Mark Sanchez will get the hell hyped out of him. Personally, I hope he falls flat on his face, but they’ll have excues for him if he does.

Buffalo Bills—(6-10) Desperate times (Toronto anyone?) call for desperate action (T.O.). He’ll be a good soldier, until they start to lose, which they will. Then the **** will hit the fan, as always.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers—(11-5) Ben and Co. are the closest thing to a Patriots-like machine. This boring vet team has likey taken Colts’ place atop the snoozer standings. YAWN.

Baltimore Ravens—(9-7) I expect some regression after last year’s boring “managing the game” by Flacco. As always, the defense will carry this team, and Flacco will get the credit.

Cleveland Browns—(6-10) It doesn’t matter who the QB is, this team has holes at WR, RB, and the defense. The window of opportunity slammed shut (sadly), and it doesn’t look to be opening soon.

Cincinatti Bengals—(4-12) They were a team that was already bad (4-11-1) and couldn’t score…and they lost TJ Houshmanzedeh. How many shutouts was that after they shut it down last year? Like the Pirates in the NFL, this team deserves its fate, and I’m a Carson Palmer fan, too. They just don’t get it, and they never will.

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts—(11-5) Sure, they lost Marvin Harrison, but this lame team always overachieves. Why would this year be any different? Just make the playoffs and bow out as always. The sooner the better, cowtown Colts.

Tennessee Titans—(9-7) Like the Dolphins, I think they overachieved. Still, they are better than most of the teams here, so they’ll be okay. It should be interesting to see more of their games, too. Maybe we can learn why they were so good last year…

Houston Texans—(8-8) Aren’t they always 8-8 now? Always one player away on offense and defense. And they’re still looking for that complement WR to go with Andre Johnson, whose career is being wasted here. Could they finally break through?

Jacksonville Jaguars—(7-9) They won’t be as bad as last year, but they’ll still manage to lose 1-2 games that they shouldn’t. No Fred Taylor to spell Maurice Jones-Drew will be disastrous for this once-rising team.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers—(9-7) They will make the playoffs like clockwork. LT will get hurt and Sproles will take over. The team will overachieve and win a round, before falling to some real contender like they do every year. Repeat. It must really be frustrating to be a Bolts fan, knowing what’s going to happen and not being able to prevent it.

Kansas City Chiefs—(8-8) They lost six games last year by nine points or less. Cassel will help solidify the QB position. Dorsey is a bust, as will be this year’s first-rounder, Jackson. Late signee Amani Toomer was a nice find on a team that will desperately need him.

Denver Broncos—(6-10) Personally, I think Josh McDaniels ain’t nothing but a Belichick-Wannabe who’s in way over his head. Losing Cutler will be a crushing blow as Orton will manage the game and put fans to sleep. Sure, all he does is win, but will it matter when you can’t move the chains? Last year’s D sucked, so they bring in the only good thing UT had in Robert Ayers?

Oakland Raiders—(5-11) In Raiderland, five wins may seem like a playoff spot in itself. They are moving up. They have a brighter future than has-been Denver, who gets the nod by default because they still have more talent. The Raiders just need one more year of experience out of Russell and McFadden together. Next year will bring a real WR in the draft. They’ll play teams tough, and Jonnie Lee Higgins will be fun to watch. They’ll get nothing out of bust-in-waiting Darius Heyward Bey, who was drafted way too high. He was the Troy Williamson of this year’s draft.

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings—(10-6) If they’d have added Brett Favre, I’d have put them in the Super Bowl, at the very least. Now, it’s just a great D and Adrian Peterson. Harvin will add Randy Moss-like highlight reel plays with all the flash and buzz, but they’ll fall just short.

Green Bay Packers—(9-7) Their defense will be improved with Raji and Matthews. Last year, I think, was a bit of a misnomer. They are better than their 6-10 record.

Chicago Bears—(8-8) Cutler fills a huge void, but they are still 1-2 WR short. Though, they are closer than they’ve been in a long time. If the “D” can carry them to 1-2 wins who knows. But for now, they are short on “O,” as always. But they’ll be fun to watch with the usual grit, and you can’t take them lightly.

Detroit Lions(3-13) I could see them getting an early win over some sorry team that catches them off guard or takes them lightly. ESPN will have breaking news etc. QB Stafford will get his yards like Kitna did, but it won’t do any good. Some teams are just plain losers, and this is exhibit A. I don’t think they can be helped.

NFC South

Carolina Panthers—(11-5) If Julius Peppers doesn’t rip them apart at the seams, it should be a fun season all the way to the second round exit.

Atlanta Falcons—(10-6) Like the Dolphins, they too will back step a little, but they are still more talented than most in their conference. They’ll be fine by default. However, they are a likely first round exit.

New Orleans Saints—(7-9) They are a perpetually disappointing team, and why would this year be any different? Bush will get hurt. Does Shockey still play here? You wouldn’t know it. The “D” is pathetic and full of holes, like usual. Next.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers—(4-12) It saddens me to place them here, but the loss of Brooks will kill their once infamous “D.” I love the Ward RB addition to the offense, but it’s not enough with the headless QB situation. Ward could be the 2009 version of Michael “the burner” Turner (i.e Free agent pick up of the off-season).

NFC East

New York Giants—(11-5) WR Hakim Nicks will help ease the loss of Plaxico Burress in the lineup. They have deep depth at WR and RB, in addition to better-than-expected “D”. They have a solid team (and I’m not even a Giants fan).

Philadelphia Eagles—(10-6) Just when I was ready to write them off after the jettison of stalwart safety Brian Dawkins and the loss of Correll Buckhalter (both to the Broncos), they solidify a perpetual weakness at WR with the addition of burner Jeremy Macklin and finally add RB depth in LeSean McCoy. The LeSean DeShan marketing possibilities are intriguing should they both succeed. Somehow, this team will find a way to make the playoffs and lose in the NFC Championship game as always (the Chargers of the NFC, but worse).

Dallas Cowboys (8-8) The loss of T.O on offense will hurt the Cowboys, as will the release of solid, long-time productive vet Greg Ellis. He quietly (so quietly I just found out via Google) signed with Oakland, which makes the Derrick Burgess trade to New England last week make more sense.

Washington Redskins—(6-10) Each year, they spend mega bucks, and each year it never works out. Why would this year be any different? Noticing a theme? Congratulations go out to the Dumbest Contract of the Offseason in Albert Haynesworth(less), who will live up to his name. Will they ever learn?

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals(9-7) They re-signed Pro Bowl safety Adrian Wilson and Kurt Warner, while managing to keep LB Karlos Dansby and Anquan Boldin so far. Thi weak division should give them 4-6 wins alone, meaning they only have to split their other eight games. They are just good enough to repeat.

Seattle Seahawks—(8-8) Matt Hasselback will make a world of difference for this team, whose 4-12 record isn’t nearly an indicator of their talent. Still, first-round pick Aaron Curry will have to do a lot to match the production of former Pro Bowler Julian Peterson. Houshmanzedeh will be a huge help, but he and WR Deion Branch basically do the same thing as glorified No.2s.

San Francisco 49ers—(6-10) I just don’t see this team doing that well, despite having Frank Gore and DeShaun Foster. They have no QB, as Aaron “small hands” Smith and Shaun Hill can’t carry the team. Once again, it will be up to the defense, who will probably take a few steps back. Even if Crabtree works out, he still needs a complement, or he’ll just get double-covered. I sense Chad Ochocinco-like drama here.

St. Louis Rams—(3-13) “If you can’t say anything nice….”

They have no legit WRs, a horrible sieve defense that can’t stop anyone, and lame special teams. Will they be back in L.A. in two years with shaky ownership? I hope so.

Playoffs: AFC (1) New England (2) Pittsburgh Steelers

(3) Indianapolis vs. (6) Baltimore

(4) San Diego vs. (5) Tenneessee

(1) New England vs. (4) San Diego

(2) Pittsburgh vs. (3) Indianapolis

(1) New England vs. (2) Pittsburgh

New England

NFC (1) New York Giants (2) Carolina Panthers

(3) Minnesota Vikings vs (6) Atlanta Falcons

(4) Arizona Cardinals vs (5) Philadelphia Eagles

(1) New York Giants vs. (6) Atlanta Falcons

(4) Arizona Cardinals vs (2) Carolina Panthers

(1) New York Giants vs (2) Carolina Panthers

New York Giants

Super Bowl (1) New England vs (1) New York Giants (hope I’m wrong)

Winner: Ole’ Hoodie and the Pats

Awards: Offensive ROY: Knowshon Moreno, Broncos (1600 yards behind the always solid O-line), runner up: Harvin, Vikings

Defensive ROY: Rey Maualuga, Bengals (wherever he went, I had him a ROY), runner up: Clay Matthews, Packers

MVP: Brady, Patriots (39 TDs)

Rushing yards for Adrian Peterson-18,08, 15 TDs,

kickoff returns for TD by Devin Hester-3

Coach of the Year: Jon Fox, Panthers (I really don’t see any surprise teams this year, as you can tell by my picks).

Coaches to get fired: Lewis of the Bengals, Cable of the Raiders, Jauron of the Bills (how did he last this long), McDumbass of the Broncos, Zorn will be on the bubble, and Reid will resign in the postseason.

Draft busts-Heyward Bey (already mentioned), Tyson Jackson, Aaron Maybin, Josh Freeman (too early to tell, but he’ll struggle).



The NFL Players Who Keep Us Most Entertained During the Offseason

The NFL Off-season is long… There’s very little news coming from the top NFL sites. Teams are very secretive about any information of worth, and so we’re left with reading articles about Donte Stallworth, highly unlikely rumors, predictions which have already been predicted, and then information about stadiums and VPs. Do you even know any team’s VPs? And If you’re wondering where I came up with those article subjects, just take a look at the most recent articles.

Fortunately, there is a group of players who have taken it upon themselves to keep us from getting bored while we wait for the first kickoff. You can see two of them in the picture above. But just a note, not all of these players are one’s who make the news for their egos or poor behavior. Some of them are just good players that have excited us anew with their potential for stardom.

So without wasting more time, here are the top NFL Players, who entertain us during the long off-season.