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Brett Ousts John As The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave


Watch the kids, and bury your valuables. Like a troll emerging from under a bridge to see if the coast is clear, it is time for POINTLESS PONDERING. The series resurrected as the Favre roars on and on.


What the heck is with ESPN? How much further can this network sink? They wallow in depths so low, that even the National Enquirer and other tabloids wouldn’t go near.


After stalking the Favre Debacle for the past two years, they have lost the last shred of journalistic credentials they once had. Why is the media so in love with Favre that he gets a pass on all of the things he has done? If it were Donovan McNabb, he would have been railroaded out of the league by now.


From pain pill addiction, criticising team mates constantly, jerking his employer around, texting his media buddies non stop at every turn = it is pathetic to see one guy command so much attention.


I have long said ESPN is stalking paparrazi. These past few weeks just solidify my stance.


Favre? Well, I have a new term for him that I invented. I will submit it to Websters for entry into the 2009 dictionary. Hyckocrite.


Though the media has a bust made for ther best buddy already waiting in Canton. there is the other side to this crusty coin. Teams deal with cancers like T.O. and Ocho Cinco, so they can deal with Brett. If you look at all the lousy quarterbacks on rosters in the NFL this year…maybe a team could use about 20 TD’s…..and 27+ turnovers next season.


Did anyone watch the Packers game on a Monday night last year?


I don’t know what was more obscene : ESPN’s pre-game show all waving, “Hi” to Brett Favre, after theorizing he was watching, or Tony Kornholes relentless blubbering all game long.


ESPN loves Favre, and tell their talking heads to blather incessantly about him as much as possible. It got rather sexual, at one point, and both of the other talking heads had to plead for Tony to give it a rest. I wonder if they got reprimanded for that?


I have long stated what a lousy journalist Kornhole, the WORST broadcaster in MNF history, is here in D.C. He started out in the Style section, which is about dresses, flowers, and other similar subjects.

After a mass exodus of the good writers from the Washington Post, they had to fill spots. They let Kornhole do his lame Jack Benny impression once a week, and promoted Chicago homer Michael Wimponandonandon.

Brett loves attention. His countless texting to his media buddies, including Kornhole, is proof. Still, I imagine even he was contemplating being sickened to his stomach over that on-air fellatio fest.


Now turn on ESPN for your 24 hour Favre coverage. They have been perched like vultures for this moment, so they won’t let you down in turning their network into his personal reality show.


If you hadn’t noticed since last seasons conclusion, his name was mentioned on virtually every show the network carried daily. As if they were paid to do so.


The question is : Will YOU buy into it?



For those too young to understand the title = John Belushi had a skit on Saturday Night Live (when the show was good) titled “The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave”.