Minnesota Vikings

Highlights of the Minnesota Vikings
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25 Responses to “Minnesota Vikings”

  1. jjb7089 says:

    Vikings for life. Bleed Purple and Gold.

  2. rxiZeus says:

    dont forget harvin!!! haha

  3. paytondeasy says:

    sad day to be a bears fan. R.I.P gaines adams. its times like this when fball takes a back seat. anyway, im just envious th vikes are doing so well but im with u guys to win it all for th north and for bret. oh and for brock lesnar too!

  4. Skyhighblu says:

    lol the bears.

  5. paytondeasy says:

    hahahaha u fuckin cock if we’re so shit then why couldnt u beat us when u needed it and we didnt?

  6. diehardviking says:

    dude you probably just cursed it. hahaha jkjkjkjk

  7. minnesota0277 says:

    Harvin best kick returner in the league yo, and dont forget about berrian

  8. StuntsandFuninc says:

    VIKINGS!!!!!!! they are the best team in the NFL Mostly because of Peterson, Farve, Allen, and Rice, and Shiancoe! best players

  9. cronos129 says:

    desde mexico para el mundo vamos vikingos

  10. cronos129 says:

    go vikes this year champions of the superbowl 44

  11. Skyhighblu says:

    LMAO…. The Bears…………….. what a joke. I dont even need to mention AD’s name here because the Bears will fail no matter what.

  12. rdulapl says:

    dude that is awesome but the music sucks.check out the allaboutmissm vids to see me get hurt.

  13. penisikilla says:


  14. samurai5625 says:

    VIKINGS SUCK bitch! Gayest colors in the NFL LMAO

  15. footballfan400 says:

    ya…ok….. just like they did last season????!!!! yaa right vikings killed the bears last season. with or without brett farve they will kill the bears this season

  16. minnvike9 says:

    n8weiss, u speak the truth!!

  17. n8weiss says:

    ur just fuckin retarded bears got jay cutler whos to big of a pussy to stay in denver. do u really think that will work?….. of course not someone must have put ur helmet on to tight this mornging

  18. akadjpaka says:

    u must really like tavaris jackson cuz i c no adrian peterson nd no defense it might as well b called tavaris jackson highlights

  19. pizzlestuff says:

    hahaha….poor vikings fans….you guys are never gonna get brett favre….besides bears are gonna romp you guys this year….VIKINGS SUCK

  20. smokeefrmsp says:

    I like that!! highlights with no AP BUT wheres the defense thats the heart & soul of Vikings because we all know mr.296 is gonna get his

  21. runescaperocks23 says:

    I remember that game i was there

  22. Rjk445 says:

    Adrian peterson..? Vikings defence…

  23. mst3000k says:

    Rice over that overrated bitch, charles woodson!

  24. mst3000k says:

    2.Jared Allen
    3.Percy Harvin
    4. EJ Henderson/Greenway
    6.Favre (?)

  25. Rjk445 says:

    rofl you like the rams, rams suck dude Vikings all the way

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